Monday, February 2, 2015

10 Reasons church buildings make great reception halls

AZ Wedding decor

1.  Using the cultural hall is FREE. 

2.  The cultural hall is more than large enough to accommodate all of your family and friends.

3.  You are not dependent on the weather.

4.  It is located close to you and your guests.

5.  The church has plenty of parking.

6.  There is always a good feeling in the church.

7.  You can save money because the chairs and tables are already there and do not need to be rented.

8.  Churches are usually available on Friday and Saturday night.

9.  Access to the kitchen with all its utensils, appliances, etc.

10.  With AZ Wedding Decor it is no longer a gym, it is a beautiful wedding venue.

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  1. Indeed a wonderful share. Venue plays important role in creating right ambience for your wedding day. We both love nature, flowers and plants so decided to have a hill side wedding. Luckily found the prettiest hillside event space NYC at very reasonable cost for our big day. They provided great services.


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